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Backline rental - musical instruments for stage and studio
High end recording studio equipment, small sound systems & DJ rental

Substantial discounts for week, month or extended tour rental. Email your rider or call for info
Fast estimate for your tour out of Nashville

Back line equipment is clean, well maintained
We take pride in making musicians smile

Recently added:
2000 Stratocaster (USA) LEFT handed
Taylor 714ce with latest Expression pickup system
Nord Stage 3 compact
Gretsch USA Custom drums 22/13/16, 14x6.5, 14x5.5
Roland RD2000

Fender Bassman 800 with 8x10 and 4x10 Neo cabinets
Midas M32 with 32 ch Stage Box, 500' snake
8 channels Sennheiser G3 IEM systems
Diezel Herbert, Bogner Uberschall, EVH 5150 full stack
1966 Vox Continental organ, complete w/stand, wood keys, Thomas era.
2012 Recording Custom set (Japan): Deep blue, 22 kick,10,12,racks,14,16
Roland TD-30KV V drums electronic drum set: complete set or components
2009 Gibson Hummingbird with pickup
Kemper Profiler head "Lunchbox" and rack version, unpowered
Carr Rambler combo
1956 Tweed Deluxe, narrow panel 5E3

Rent guitars, guitar amplifiers, drums, keyboards, percussion, DJ, bass guitar,synthesizer, organ, leslie, claivinet, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, bass amp, acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, pedal steel, bouzouki, 12 string, electric sitar, upright bass, ukulele, congas, bongos, cajon, percussion pad, sampler, drum shield, microphone, preamp, compressor, DAW, Avid Pro Tools HDX, converters, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, pedal, stompbox, turntable, mixer, Serato, CD player, turntable, speakers, mixer.

Rent almost anything musical for your tour, band, video, production, recording session, party.
Reduced long term rates. Tour backline rental pricing available: send your rider for a quote.

Check the impressive client list, new entertainers added regularly.

Based in Nashville, TN - Music City USA. Delivery and backline tech available.
Before you rent backline from SIR, SST, Soundcheck, let Backline Nashville show what we can provide for you.

Pro Tools HDX system: Mac Pro Westmere 8 core, 24GB, Pro Tools HD 10,11&12, two HD I/0, 24 analog inputs.

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